6 Bars with Happy Hours in HauzKhas Village That You Can’t Miss at Any Cost

6 Bars with Happy Hours in HauzKhas Village That You Can’t Miss at Any Cost

HauzKhas Village has the best bars in New Delhi. It is the hub for youngsters to go and unwind after a long hard day at college/work. It is also the place where people go to celebrate wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties etc. It is not because this area has the craziest bars in the city but because of their enticing offers. Almost all bars have brilliant offers, but some give unforgettable happy hour offers that you cannot just refuse.

If you are looking for bars in HauzKhasVillage that have the best happy hour offers, then you have come to the right place. Here are 6 bars with unbelievable happy hour offers:

Frat House:

As the name suggests, Frat House is best suited for frat boys who want to fill up their tanks with all the liquor they can get. For that to happen though, you need to either have big bucks in your pocket or you could go during their happy hours when they offer one on one for all beers! Although the happy hour timings are 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM only, you can go around 4 and get hammered by 6!

Address: Building No. 26, 3rd floor, Hauzkhas village, HauzKhas Village, Deer Park, HauzKhas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India

Vapour Grill Bar Exchange:

Vapour Grill Bar Exchange is another place for amazing mocktails and beer that is literally frozen! If you love classic cocktails then this is the place for you. You can opt for their happy hour one on one offer for all classic cocktails and keep relishing the lovely mixes. The best part about this place is that their happy hour is till 8 PM on weekdays and 5 PM on weekends! So, if you have a craving on a weekday, you are in luck as you would save a ton of money.

Address: 11, 2nd & 3rd Floor, HauzKhas Village, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India

High5 Café & Bar:

This is the only place that has happy hour offers for food as well. If you love street food, North Indian, Italian, Continental, Chinese and American cuisine, you are in luck as for every order above 300, you get food items worth 300 free! Plus there is a happy hour offer for drinks as well. High5 Café & Bar also has one on one for select beers during happy hour.

Address: TB 6 & 1A, First Floor, HauzKhas Village,, New Delhi, Delhi 110065, India


Masha is one of the finest pubs in New Delhi. It is famous for hosting events and has the best ongoing offers of 10% off on the entire food bill! During happy hours, you get drinks on MRP. That’s the promise of Masha! With excellent music and outdoor seating available, this is a wonderful place to visit.

Address: 9A, first floor, HauzKhas Village, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India

Garage Inc.:

This lovely place with excellent culinary delights in HauzKhas Village is one of the best places for people who love non-vegetarian delicacies. Garage Inc. has everything for everyone. A foosball table is also available here. For happy hours, Garage Inc. offers one on one on select drinks and beers. This is also available on low range whiskeys like Blenders Pride and Signature.

Address: 2nd Floor, Building No 30, HauzKhas Village, Deer Park, HauzKhas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India

Lord of the Drinks Meadow:

You have obviously heard of this place, but what you didn’t know is that Lord of the Drinks Meadow is a bit overpriced. Don’t fret because they have one of the best happy hour offers in the HauzKhas area. They give 10% off on food bill and for alcohol, there is a 50% off offer on all 60ml drinks and one on one on select beers as well!

Address: New Deer Park, HauzKhas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India

These places are a must-visit if you are on a budget and want to target happy hour offers!

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