Exercises to develop your core muscles

Exercises to develop your core muscles

Spinal cord is the basic structure of the human body. It is responsible to provide posture to the human body and make it straight. It is also responsible for providing communication from the brain to the cells of the body. In a nut shell, you can say that spinal cord is responsible for the basic structure of the body. Holding the plank is the exercise which provides strength to the basic structure of the body and it helps in the strengthening of the spinal cord in particular. There are Secrets to help hold plank longer, and these secrets will be discussed in the next paragraph.

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How to hold the plank for the longer duration of time?

  • If you do a tough job then you always like to go for your favorite things. There are people who reward themselves with their favorite eateries after doing some tough job. This idea holds relevance here also for holding the plank for longer duration of time. You can play motivational songs or your favorite music in the back ground which makes doing exercise a pleasant experience.
  • The whole idea behind playing your favorite music is to distract your mind from thinking on the time while you are doing the exercise. You can keep the mind busy by taking the names of the things starting from alphabets from A to Z. The more names you take from one alphabet the greater you spend holding the plank.
  • The next idea is to read the book while holding the plank. Although it is well said than done because when you hold the plank time really slows down. In such time it is really tough to hold the plank leave alone reading the book. You can learn more ideas from onthegofitnesspro.com. This idea could be implemented only when you have spent some time doing this exercise, and you have gained strength in your muscles.

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