How Does RO Water Purifier Work?

How Does RO Water Purifier Work?

Water purification is one of the most sophisticated scientific processes and an RO Water purifier utilizes this process easily. There are various kinds of RO water purifiers out there and many brands have their specific purification technologies. The underlying concept of every water purifier is getting rid of all the impurities of water.

A water purifier that is just RO gets rid of water hardness and impure salts, but a much more sophisticated RO purifier uses technologies like UV and UF for better filtration.  Even if you purchase water purifier online, the underlying function remains the same. Here is how a RO purifier purifies water:

  1. Mineral RO Technology:

When impure water is poured into the water purifier, the first thing the water goes through is the RO filter. RO (Reverse Osmosis) is the process in which the salt impurities in water are eradicated. Some RO purifiers aren’t designed with a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) controller due to which the natural minerals that are essential for the body also get removed. For RO purifiers that have the TDS Controller, the essential natural minerals stay in the purified water due to which you get 100% safe water.

  1. UV Purification:

After getting rid of the impure salts, the RO purifiers use simple ultra violet purification technology to get rid of impurities such as viruses, bacteria and chemicals. Ultra Violet purification is one of the best ways to get rid of viruses and bacteria as UV radiation is harmful for these microorganisms. This ensures that your RO purified water isn’t free of just salt impurities, but also microbes, which could cause water borne diseases.

  1. UF Filtration:

Finally, an RO purifier uses UF membrane to filter out the leftover impurities, dead bacteria and viruses after UV purification. Some RO purifiers just have UV purification and some just have UF filtration.Either way, this ensures that microbes are removed from water to make it 100% pure. You can drink this pure water and be free of diseases and stay healthy.

  1. Carbon Filtration:

Some RO purifiers also use carbon filtration for added purification. Carbon filtration removes particulate matter from the water ensuring that there is no impurity present in it. This way, the water is 100% pure, excellent quality and tastes great. You can drink the water without worrying about any kind of waterborne diseases.

  1. Storage and Purification Capacity:

Generally, RO purifiers have storage capacity. If an RO purifier has storage, then it would have a high purification capacity. With the help of this, the water is purified at a faster rate and the user gets pure water with no time wastage. Some purifiers purify water directly when you switch them on. These kinds of purifiers have a low purification capacity and you might have to wait for some time for the purification process to complete.

This is how a general RO water purifier works and purifies water making it free from all kinds of impurities.

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