Jungian Analyst Provides Long Lasting Solutions to Emotional Stress

Jungian Analyst Provides Long Lasting Solutions to Emotional Stress

In life, there are highs and lows which culminate in having cycles of emotional trauma. In the low moments when you are experiencing the hardest emotional blow, your psyche becomes stretched and strained. If this condition persists, it could further plunge you into a state of depression that can degenerate into more chronic mental illnesses. However, even though you may not readily admit it probably because you may not do anything stupid, bizarre, wild or run mad, you are actually mentally sick when you are depressed. As long as there is an alteration to your emotional balance and you feel bodily pains arising from grief and deep wounds in the soul, you would be suffering a mental disorder that would affect your reasoning ability. It’s the reason why it is advised that you should not take decisions when you are depressed but like some other illness, depression can be cured.

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The Jungian Analyst Approach

The Jungian analyst approach is more refined in its way of dealing with issues of mental illness. Carl Jung a renowned Swiss psychiatrist and Jungian analyst postulates that mental disorder comes as a result of the emotional stress to the body and mind. To this end, he proposes a self-healing therapy for mental illness. As a practitioner and founder of analytical psychology, he is a proponent of the school of thought that the cure of mental illness is whole when the body is allowed to regulate and recover itself from emotional imbalance. According to him, the mental illness itself is ironically part of the healing therapeutic process as its symptoms awakens the bodies defensive and regulative systems; so, to attempt to cure the symptoms is to disrupt the response of these systems to naturally counter and control the effects of the emotional imbalance on our bodies. The bodies’ natural balancing and regulative system deals with mental illness very much the same way the flu virus burns itself out to help the body recover from its infection. For the flu virus, the visible signs that the body has been infected by it are high fever, catarrh and throbbing headache. These symptoms can be really hard on the body yet the high body temperature generated at this time kills the causal virus. Just like the high body temperature symptom of flu, the strained neurons resulting in psychological trauma triggers the release of hormones in the body that helps deal with mental illness.

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