Key Differences Between A Nursing Home And Senior Assisted Living Services Mesa Arizona

Key Differences Between A Nursing Home And Senior Assisted Living Services Mesa Arizona

It is easy to get things mixed up when it comes to identifying what options are available to you for taking care of the health of an aged loved one who has become stricken in age and so needs support to carry on with normal life. There are two common options that would easily get a mention if just anybody were to suggest to you; they are assisted living facilities and skilled nursing homes. Beyond the fact that both facilities can make a good home for aged folks, it would guide your decision to know the salient differences that exist between them. Below are five striking points of distinction between the two you must note.

Licensed Medical Care

One of the very first differences you must note is that senior assisted living services Mesa Arizona are not hospitals or nursing homes therefore they don’t have licensed nurses or doctors as staff. They could get them as consultants to the facility, though, but legally, they do not have any backing or right to provide any treatment service within the facility since the facility has been registered as non-medical. So, very much different from a nursing home, staff cannot administer or prescribe drugs. The best they can do is to ferry any ailing aged patient to a close-by medical facility in the event of an emergency.

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Hospital or Apartment

Another thing is the living conditions and environment around the two facilities differ significantly. There is a more homely, relaxed and independent feeling around senior assisted living services Mesa Arizona that allows aged folks more privacy and control over space, time and how much personal assistance they want; in nursing homes this sense of ‘freedom’ is somewhat restricted as assistance and care are provided on a tight and rigid schedule residents have limited influence or control over.

Residents’ Average Age

Studies have shown that on the average, residents admitted into senior assisted living services Mesa Arizona are much older than those on admission in nursing homes. According to an industry website, 86.9 years is the average age of residents at assistant living facilities, while residents at nursing homes have an average of 79 years. This by inference means older folks show preference for assisted living facilities; it could also mean that folks at ages nearer 70 want the intensive care of nursing homes but as they grow older begin to express preference for a more homely assisted living service.

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