Rebound- Adding Peace And Maintenance To Your Medicinal Life

Rebound- Adding Peace And Maintenance To Your Medicinal Life

Suffering from medical side effects is somewhat common among people, especially if you are under long term medical course. Your body at first responded well to the medicine and you are towards the healing side. After a certain point, people get this fear of re-growing issue or feeling the pain if they stop the medicine. So, what they do is that they just continue having this medicine till the last moment of their lives. It starts to hamper the body from within, and even before they know, they get addicted to prescribe medicines, mostly painkillers. Rebound app will create a barrier between you and your medicine, to help you avoid falling into medical dependency.

Donation for your app:

If you want to be the first customers of Rebound app, then all you have to do is just make a donation. Once done, you will receive a feature-loaded app, designed just to match your health condition. Through this app, you are likely to receive personalized step-down program. It helps in creating own plan for regulating and marking your antidepressants, intake of pain and substitute of other medicines. Here, you have to specify your present medicine and it dosage. Later, you have to mention the step down dosages.

Track your symptoms and more:

With the help of Rebound app, you will be able to track symptoms. You can get to choose daily surveys through this app to track symptoms from scale starting from 1 to 10. You get to choose from the list and add some separate symptoms, if needed. You are asked to track the well-being of yourself with the help of this app. You can create indexes for tracking the progressive well-being. For your attitudes and sense of happiness, you need to rate five statements. You will receive a complete well-being score for last 2 weeks and keep a track of it through Rebound app.

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